There was a man and his house AI was malfunctioning. The AI wasn’t performing the functions it was supposed to and as a result the man’s house was in a bit of disarray, but nothing too serious. Nevertheless he was very perplexed and also intrigued.

He was walking up a green hill outside nearby his house, using an Apple-watch-like device on his wrist to remotely go through the logs of the AI to try to figure out where it was going wrong.

He realised that the malfunction stemmed from bits of old code left over from the AI’s original primary function.

Years and years ago, the  AI’s primary function used to be operating a church bell in a village cathedral! In fact, the small stone cathedral that used to house the AI once stood on the very hill he was climbing.  Ghosts of it’s old programming remained, such as the ‘pulling rope’ function and the timing of the bell. He even found a rudimentary visual memory of the dark enclosed space of the bell-ringer’s room, with the rope hanging down.

I woke up and thought ‘Hah! Because the House AI is like culture!’ It operates and maintains our present day reality, but is profoundly influenced by it’s long and complicated history, for better or for worse.